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            Container type

            Prefabricated substation

            • Summary
            Container type pre-load type substation have standard and non-standard, standard design in accordance with the international standard container size. 20 and 40 teet in two specifications size of container. Non standard accordina to the requirements of the user required equipment lavout decision, the design assurance substation in trans it will not damage due to load is under great pressure, and has the following advantages: good appearance compact structure, high reliability and convenience for the substation as a flow type Case due to the high strength of standardized design, praduct has small volume. covers an area of small. compact structure, the electricity. feeder, reactive power compensation and flexible measurement wav, easy to install and move, power supply quickly, since the protection and reliable protection for electrical equipment, Once installedi and you don't need someone unattended, wind, rain, condensation, the temperature change.
            solar radiation ability, reasonable design, compact structure, easy maintenance, use of economic, can be widely used in factories mines, roads and railwavs, municipal, television stations, the army, oil field geoloay, shipping, post and telecommunications, hotels, questhouses, high-rise building, etc.
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