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            Garden type

            Prefabricated substation

            Garden change is pre-installed in YB series box type substation based on the developed new products, the main body is made of cold rolled steel plate or stainless steel plate, lining board, beautiful, generous, mainly used in parks, community, tourist attractions and municipal, etc. is a beautiful scenery in the city.
            • Product features
            Product features
            1. the main structure is made of cold rolled steel plate or stainless steel plate, decorative board using treated with anti-corrosion.
            refractory fir, pine, etc.;
            2. the double-deck, top choi steel, makes the grain of wood mutual reflect, the appearance more elegant natural; 
            3. The top clever ventilation design make the ventilation effect is better;
            4. effectively solve the rust, thermal insulation, condensation problems;
            5. elegant design can meet the modern village, tourist attractions and the requirements of the city, from any Angle has a pleasant feeling.

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