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            Prefabricated substation

            YB/22 series preinstalled type transformer substation is my company to meet the demand of network construction, design and development of series products. This series of products is a kind of medium voltage switchgear, transformer, low voltage power distribution equipmentin a certain connection scheme combined into one of the sets of power aistribution equipment. This series of pre-loaded type is applicable to 12 kv substation, three-phase ac system rated frequency 50 hz, under 2000 kva capacity configuration of residential quarters, shopping malls hotels, large construction site, high mansion building. industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction sites, suitable for ring network power supply. and optimum radial terminal power supply. The series preinstalled type substation has compact structure, complete sets of strong. safe and reliable operation, easymaintenance. the advantages of aesthetically pleasing: Selectivity has small volume, cover an area of an area small, big, small amount of on-site installation and short installation period, and it can move along with the load center, etc.
            • Model and meaning
            • Condition of use
            • Technical data
            • Product structure characteristics
            Model and meaning
            Condition of use
            1. ambient air temperature is not more than +40 degrees, lowest am-bient air temperature of 25 degrees;
            2. no more than 1000 meters above sea level, if use special order of transformer and low voltage components, up to 3000 meters:
            3. vertical gradient no more than five degrees, no violent vibration and impact of place:
            4. the air humidity is not more than 90%(25 degrees);
            5. no conductive dust. no explosion danger,. no corrosive action on metals, and the place of gas and electrical components;
            6. outdoor wind speed not more than 35 m/S:

            Technical data
            Product structure characteristics
            1. shell with reference to foreign advanced technology and design according to the actual situation. With a strong, insulation and ventilation. good performance, small animals and moistureproof, good appearance, easy maintenance, etc. Shell materials have a variety of optional, such as: caigang composite panels, made of high qualified steel plate, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, non-metallic materials(glass fiber cement). etc.
            2. commonly used high side load switch, vacuum circuit breaker may be adopted, and a complete maloperation prevention function. Optional: HXGN15B type sulfur hexafluoride ring net cabinet, XGN66. HXGN17 ring network switch device, etc. Can adopt oil-immersed transformer, fully sealed transformers. dry type transformer can be used again.
            3. substation protection perfect in performance, convenient operation, high and low voltage measurement to choose from, can according to user requirements is equipped with automatic reactive power compensation device.
            4. box lid design for double detachable structure, filling heat insulation materials, with good heat insulation between layers. High and low pressure chamber has independent roof in the interior design. transformer interior fortification condensation and automatic temperature monitoring, heating and cooling device.
            5. box USES the natural ventilation, also can be mounted to the forced ventilation equipment, door and side panel of the lateral position of the shutter is equipped with dust-proof device.

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