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            Wind power prefabricated substation

            Wind power as a kind of clean energy production methods, obtained the swift and violent development in our country. In response to competition with other power generation methods, wind power companies are starting to pay attention to the investment cost and operation cost. YB/-wind power installed type substation, is for the special requirements of wind power, and to provide users with a reasonable solution. YB/-type wind power box into the user provides two kinds of grid voltage:12 KV,40.5 KV. Adopted a more energy efficient design and manufacturing, section can be a lot less user substation cost: Offers a variety of electrical solutions and products at the same time, users have more choice; The product has a longer service life(up to 30 years). product warranty for 5 years.
            • Condition of use
            • Use environment
            • Reference standard
            • Model and meaning
            • Technical data
            Condition of use
            YB--there are two kinds of type wind power box"European style' and "American"style, it is will be given out by the wind generator voltage 690v power after a step-up transformer into 35 kv and 10 kv, into the grid system or user, so as to complete the task of wind power. Intelligent wind box
            35KV substation(or 10 KV) and 690vside of a secondary equipment such as circuit breakers, transformer, transformer, switch the remote control.
            remote communication, remote controller, transformer protection, and indicating instrument, monitoring equipment in the factory of the fan installation and debugging good into a portable, sealed, moisture, rust, double the casing. So as to realize the construction of wind power, secondary system of integrated, modular assembly, factory construction process, construction simple "four modernizations"outdoor installation. Shorten the construction cycle, reduces the project cost, improve the reliability of the parallel operation.

            Use environment
            1. environment temperature, the highest temperature+40 degrees, the lowest temperature of 25 degrees;
            2. at an altitude of 2000 meters or less
            3. humidity, daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%, monthly mean relative humidity is not more than 95%
            4. shockproof level acceleration not more than 0.4 m/s2, vertical acceleration is greater than 0.15 m/s2.
            5. installation environment: the surrounding air from corrosive.
            combustible gas obvious pollution, such as installation location without severe vibration:
            6. order this product was beyond the provisions of these conditions.can negotiate with our company.

            Reference standard
            ·GB1094-1996 Power transformer 
            ·EC420《High voltage load switch fuse combination electric appliance》
            ·GB17467-1998《Highpressurel/low pressure preinstalledtypetransformer substation》
            ·GB3804-1990《3-36 kv ac high voltage load switch》
            ·GB/T15166.2-1994《AC high voltage fuse current-limiting fuse》
            ·GB/T1048.1-1993《General rules for low voltage start equipment and control equipment》
            ·EC60694《High voltage switch equipment standard common terms》
            ·IEC6056《The high voltage ac circuit breakers》
            ·IEG90947-2《Low voltage switchgear and control equipment of the breaker》
            ·GB/T6451-1999《Oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements》
            Model and meaning
            Technical data
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