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            AC low voltage distribution ark

            GGD ac low voltage distribution ark(hereinafter refered to as the power distribulion cabinet) is suitable for power plant. substation (station). Industrial and mining enterprises, such as electric power users, in the ac 50 hz, rated vollage 380 v, rated curent 3150 a As power in the distrbution system, lighting and distribution of electrical energy conversion, distrbution and control purposes.
            GGD ac low voltage power distribution ark is according to the department of energy(doe) is in charge of the superior, to the majority of power users and design departments O, based on the principle of security, economic, reasonable and reliable design of new type low vollage power oistribution cabinet. The product has the breaker High capacity and good thermal stabilly.
            electrical scheme is flexible and convenient combination, series, practical strong. new structure Ying, high protection grade, etc.

            • Condition of use
            • Model and meaning
            • Technical data
            • One route scheme
            • User information
            Condition of use
            1. the installation location altitude does not exceed 2000m;
            2. the surrounding medium temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, the highest lowest not less than 5℃; Within 24h The average temperature is not higher than+35℃;
            3. indoor relative humidity is not more than 90%(temperature is 25 ℃):
            4. no conductive dust and enough to place of gas and corrosive action on metals.
            and the destruction of insulation:
            5. no fire and explosion danger;
            6. no violent vibrationandturbulence, and the vertical gradient of notmore than 50 places;
            7. if youhave any specialconditions ofuse, please at thetime oforder and factory prior statement.

            Model and meaning
            Technical data
            One route scheme

            Make the following technical specifications for main circuit scheme
            1.a component selection: the electrical cabinet has extensive applicability, the choice of a component to follow the principle of safe, economic, reasonable and reliable, to abandon poor type selection and performance of components. In use in recent years with the company production of technical performance indicators of more advanced products at the same time, also reasonable retains some old products in limited range, due to the structure of the power distribution cabinet has good installation flexibility, in the future, even if forced out by the competent department of certain products or users have special requirements, distribution cabinets will not caused by components of modification or update installation difficulties.
            2. into the line mode: distribution way of into line with the upper and lower side of the commonly used into line, also designed by the top cabinet left, middle and right three locations aspirant line ark last in line, in order to meet all kinds of engineering design for the needs of the different ways into the line.
            3. capacity reduction problem: power distribution cabinet with good natural ventilation system, solve the rise of temperature of the components into the closed behind the counter, capacity reduction problem. Was proved, after many research the design of the ventilation system is successful, so use the department equipped with electrical cabinets can be regarded as components in open screen installation, according to the design of conventional capacity reduction coefficient.
            4, automatic reactive power compensation cabinet; according to the needs of users choose distribution cabinets matching, this product includes DDJtype design of reactive power compensation, for the use of the design. The appearance of tank size is the same as the GGD cabinets.

            User information
            When you place an order, you should provide the following information:
            1. all types of products(including main circuit scheme and auxiliary circuit scheme);
            2. main circuit system sequence diagram;
            3. Electrical schematic diagram, auxiliary circuit;
            4. components contained in the listing;
            5. products have special requirements, the prior statement.

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