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            Box AC metal-enclosed switchgear

            XGN66-12 box ac metal-enclosed switchgear(hereinafter referred to as the switchgear) is the design, and developed by our factory, and high voltage electrical complete sets of products, switch cabinet is suitable for 3.6-12 kv three-phase ac 50 Hz single bus section of indoor unit, for receiving and distribution of electrical energy, and have to control circuit, protection and monitoring, and other functions, can be used in various types of power plants, substations, and industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings and other places, also can be combined with ring network cabinet was applied to open and close by.
            The product absorbed the advanced technology of domestic similar products, according to the present our country existing in the operation of the similar switchgear in produce the problem such as the high accident rate and huge volume and designed and developed on its own..
            it has small volume, only 50% of the ordinary switch cabinet volume, circuit breaker with high reliability, good performance,"five prevention"
            simple reliable interlocking institutions, etc. This product is especially suitable for the cases of variable products and underground substation substation or a small space.

            • Conform to the standard
            • Model and meaning
            • Condition of use
            • Technical data
            • User information
            Conform to the standard
            1. the GB1984-2003' ac high voltage circuit breaker"
            2. GB3906-20063.6~40.5KV ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment.
            3. GB/T11022-1999"standard of high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technical requirements
            4. DL/T593-2006"standard of high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technical requirements.

            Model and meaning
            Condition of use
            1. the ambient temperature is not higher than +40 ℃, the highest lowest not less than 10℃;
            2. relative humidity, average no greater than 95%, monthly average no greater than 90%;
            3. height is not more than 1000 meters above sea level;
            4. but magnitude 8 earthquake intensity;
            5. no fire and explosion danger, serious foul, chemical corrosion and violent vibration.
            Note: beyond the normal conditions of use, the user can negotiate with factory to solve.

            Technical data
            User information
            1. the single wire system diagram, diagram:
            2. secondary circuit wiring diagram, terminal diagram;
            3. switchgear electrical components within the model, specification and quantity;
            4. mistress line and bus bar materials, specifications, user requirements, as stipulated in the manufacturer supplies;
            5. switchgear used in special environmental conditions, is put forward with orders;
            6. need accessories, spare parts, need to offer the type and quantity.

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