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            Epoxy resin cast dry type power transformer

            It is made of superior material, scientific technique, advanced production test equipment according to strict technique. It has characteristic of highreliability, long service life. According to different environment, it can equipped with different grade safe shell or non. The pro ductswhich are new substitute for oillimmersed power transformer, used extensively in high building, emporia, airdrome, tunnel, chemical plant, nuclear power plant, steam ect especial andimportant site.
            • Executive Standard
            • Performance Characteristic
            • Structure Characteristic
            • Technical Paraweters
            Executive Standard
            ● GB1094.11-2007 Dry power transformer
            ● GB/T 10228-2008
            Technical parameters and requirements for dry power transformer
            ● GB/T17211-1998
            Load guide for dry type power transformers

            ● GB1094.3-2003

            Power transformers third parts:insulation level,insulation test and insulation air gap

            ● JB/T10088-2004 6-500kV

            Transformer sound level
            ● JB/T 56009-1998
            Classification of product quality of dry power transformer
            The international standard IEC726

            Performance Characteristic
            1. Safety. fireproofing, non-polluter, directiy used in load center.
            2. High mechanical intension.
            3. Low loss, low noise, obviously save energy, free from the maintenance
            4. Strong ability of spreading hot and loading, and which they will be raised the capacity while forcing the breeze
            5. Good function of defending moisture which make they suitable for in high degree of humidity and other bad environments.
            6. Providing with the perfect temperature examination and the protection systems. Adopting the intelligence signal temperature controsystem, which can monitor and cruise back to show automatically the each work temperature of three-phase winding series; furthermore, they can start automatically and stop the breeze machine, and report to the police to jump.
            7. Small size, light weight, little covering space, low expenses.

            Structure Characteristic
            ●The iron core is made of superior scion steel slice, structure isinclined joints fold type.
            Low-pressure coil that structure is foil type rounded by high-qualitycopper, the high-pressure coil that structure is layer type by the vacuum iron oxygen molded.

            Technical Paraweters

            Note: we only adjust the data for the product as following : when the weight add per 100kgs. the swith colloc ation will extends 750mm on the product sideDOmm on the face
            we can provide the h-v change rage as: +4 x 2.5%
            The data in table only for reference. we wouldn' t advice again if they are changed.

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