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            Three phase oil immersed on load tap changing distribution transformer

            · Kind: Outdoor Type.
            · Normal use Environment: Elevation less than 1000m; Temperature Range :-25℃~+45℃.
            · Especial Environment: Elevation more than 1000m; Temperature Range :-45℃~+40℃.
            · Installation Site: Nothing corrodent air, noting obvious dirty mark.

            • Executive Standard
            • Type and Signification
            • performance Characteristic
            • Technical Paraweters
            Executive Standard
            · GB 1094.1-2-2013 Power transformer
            · GB 1094.3-2003 Power transformer
            · GB 1094.5-2008 Power transformer
            · GB/T1094.4-2005 Power transformer
            · GB/T6451-2008 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technicalparameters and requirements
            · The international standard IEC76

            Type and Signification
            performance Characteristic
            The S11 series product' s no-load Loss decreased 30%, on-load loss decrease 10.20% on the basis of S9 series, and the service life increase one times. It also work order even if on the condition of exceed load 20%. The noise average reduces 2-4db on the run.
            Technical Paraweters

            Note:Table weight and size data for reference only, are subjectto change without notice
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