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            Three phase oil immersed non excitation voltage regulating power transformer

            The products accord with nation standard of 《 Power Trans-former GB1094》. 《3-PhaseOil immersed Power Transformer Technical parameters and Requirement GB/T6451. The pro-duct function has attains international level, which are improved importantly at material, technique and structure. They have a features of high efficiency, low loss, and saving power & expenses They are new extensively recommend product which welcome to customer.

            • Executive Standard
            • Type and Signification
            • Performance Characteristic
            • Technical Paraweters
            Executive Standard
            · GB 1094.1-2-2013 Power transformer
            · GB 1094.3-2003 Power transformer
            · GB/T1094.4-2005 Power transformer
            · GB 1094.5-2008 Power transformer
            · GB/T6451-2008 Three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technica-Iparameters and requirements
            · The international standard IEC76

            Type and Signification
            Performance Characteristic
            Compare S9 series to '8"series product, the S9 series no-load lossdecreased 14. 88%, on-load loss decreased 10. 47%, and the whole lossdecreased 11. 4%. They have a perfect social benefit for the obviously save power.
            Technical Paraweters


            1. Can provide Air coling device on above 8000KVA transformler.
            2. Can provide Various Voltage transformer . short eiruit inpedance, coupling modle according to the neer demand.
            3. Table nieiaht and sizedata for reference only. are subject to change nithout notice.

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